Add Depth & Impact to Your Story with Editorial Illustration

Enhance your story and help your audience understand complex concepts with high-quality editorial illustrations. Editorial illustrations draw people into the story and add perspective. They can help your audience understand your message and abstract ideas.

Our goal in creating an editorial illustration is to enhance your writers’ vision and story. To achieve this, we do the following:

  • Our team of experienced illustrators works closely with you to ensure that the visuals match the tone and vision of your story.
  • We work with your team to determine the exact features of the story you wish to highlight and develop prompts for each illustration.
  • We determine the illustration style in consultation with your team and based on the article’s tone.
  • Establish specifications and timeline.
  • Provide rough concept illustrations 


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An editorial illustration that shows an exchange of flowers

Unlock the Power of Editorial Illustrations

Our editorial illustrations cover a wide range of subject matter. Examples include a book with stories women shared and articles about aviation and mental health. They have been used in:

  • Books
  • Magazine articles
  • Posters
  • Murals
  • Websites
  • Marketing material

We can deliver illustrations in any style you’re looking for, including:

  • Highly detailed, realistic
  • Flat style
  • Line art
  • Block style

If you need editorial illustrations, we would love to talk. Call us today at 1-608-229-1286, or use our contact form to get a free consultation and learn how we can add interest to your story using editorial illustration.

An editorial illustration that shows women protesting for equal rights

Book Illustrations

Minimal illustration style used in a chapter on equal rights.

Marketing Illustrations

Whimsical illustration used in humorous marketing material.

An editorial illustration the shows how a person balances time and eating

Magazine Illustrations

Flat style illustration used in magazine article about eating habits.

Poster Illustrations

Retro style illustrations used as posters in a welcome center.

About Us

Lovett Design is a group of artists and designers dedicated to providing exceptional illustration and graphic design services to our clients.

With illustration, our focus is to help visually communicate a message or meaning of a topic. Our goal is to make it easier for people to understand the subject matter better.

When designing material (i.e., manuals, presentations, marketing), we aim to present information concisely. Our design philosophy is to keep it clean and simple. We utilize space, type, color, and illustrations to keep your viewer’s attention and communicate your message. Every design we do is unique, just like your brand.

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