Attract Attention

Grab peoples interest. Retain your audience. Enrich your brand with editorial illustration.

Add Value to Your Story

Images draw an emotional response from people. They clarify abstract, or complex, content and connect with audiences. If you want to get the attention of people and stand out from the crowd you need to use images that are unique and eye catching. You need imagery that is different from the clip art you see clutter media these days.

We’re in the illustration and graphic design business. We understand visual communication, the power custom editorial illustration has, and how to create it.

An editorial illustration the shows how a person balances time and eating

Don't Miss Your Audience

Consumers of your product or service are diverse. They speak different languages and have unique cultural backgrounds. Visual communication bridges the differences. Consider this:

  • Studies show 65% of people are visual learners.
  • People retain 80 percent of what they see, compared to 20 percent of what they read and only 10 percent of what they hear.

As studies suggest, visual elements such as illustration and animation will help your organization quickly connect with people. Other  benefits include:

  • Revenue growth
  • Improved employee performance
  • Increased productivity
  • Higher rate of product or service purchase