Visually Explain Your Process

with Custom Infographics

Infographic that shows skin care steps

Infographic Illustration

An infographic is a great way to explain complex information visually. One of the keys to an effective infographic is visual appeal.

Using stock images may an easy solution but do they really add value and represent your brand the best? We feel that custom illustration, tailored to the subject matter and your brand, is more effective. With original illustration, you are able to add detail that provides a real connection with the content. 

All the infographics we design include custom illustration and icons. Our infographics have been used in:

  • Magazines
  • Training posters
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Product support
  • Websites

Infographic Design

When we create an infographic, our designers and illustrators work with your team to determine what type of infographic is best suited for the project.

With your help, we define your audience and how the infographic will be used. We will collect necessary information and determine the important points of your message.

The design will make it easy for people to navigate, communicate the information and data clearly, and add visually pleasing images so they stay engaged. 

Many of the clients we work with have multilingual audiences. To reach them we create wordless infographics.