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with Custom Medical Illustration

Cutaway illustration showing the heart and lungs


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Medical Illustration

People are visual learners, using medical illustration in your training and marketing  material will help them understand complex concepts and how to operate machines and use devices.

Images are visual triggers that people automatically respond too. If you want to add value, and help your audience better understand the information you’re presenting, then using custom illustration is a solid option.

Unlike stock images, custom illustration is crafted to connect with the important points you wish to make. It will also reinforce the perception of your brand with the audience.

Our illustrators are professional artists and designers. They can deliver illustrations that range from highly realistic to conceptual and any subject matter.

Our Portfolio

Our clients have used our medical illustrations in training manuals, presentations, catalogs, sell sheets, and websites.

Each drawing is an original, custom drawing tailored to enhance your audiences experience. Our portfolio includes:

  • Anatomy illustrations
  • Cutaway and exploded view illustrations of machines
  • Illustrations of healthcare personnel
  • Hospital information technology illustrations
  • Illustrations of medical scenarios