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Teach Your Staff More Effectively with Medical Illustrations

Training your healthcare workforce has many challenges. One of the top challenges is educating and training your staff and effectively communicating the subject matter. A valuable asset to use to help with this is medical illustrations.

Medical illustrations can visually explain complicated medical concepts and processes. They improve the quality of the information you’re presenting and will engage your audience, keeping them interested in learning about your products or services.

Call us today at 1-608-229-1286, or use our contact form, to get free consultation and learn how we can help enhance your training material with medical illustration.

A cutaway medical illustration that shows the layers of an artery

Types of Medical Illustrations We Do

Our illustration portfolio literally contains thousands of medical illustrations. They have used in training manuals, online learning, marketing material, books, and websites. Our portfolio includes:

  • Anatomy cutaway illustrations
  • Detailed machine illustrations
  • Illustrations of medical personnel
  • Facility and infrastructure illustrations
  • Medical scenarios
  • Medical devices

We can deliver illustrations in any style you’re looking for, including:

  • Highly detailed, realistic
  • Flat style
  • Line art
  • Block style

If you need medical illustrations, we would love to talk. Call us today at 1-608-229-1286, or use our contact form to get a free consultation and learn how we can improve your educational material and the learning experience of your customers using medical illustration.

A cutaway medical Illustration that shows a CT the coronal section of the brain

Anatomy Illustrations

Anatomy illustrations that show unobservable features.

A technical illustration that shows GE Healthcare's Pyxis ultrasound machine

Machine Illustrations

Detailed illustrations to train staff on features, functions and operation.

Workflow Illustrations

Workflow diagrams to explain internal processes.

How To Illustrations

Illustrations that visually explain a procedure.

A business campaign poster promoting teamwork

About Us

Lovett Design is a group of artists and designers dedicated to providing exceptional illustration and graphic design services to our clients.

With illustration, our focus is to help visually communicate a message or meaning of a topic. Our goal is to make it easier for people to understand the subject matter better.

When designing material (i.e., manuals, presentations, marketing), we aim to present information concisely. Our design philosophy is to keep it clean and simple. We utilize space, type, color, and illustrations to keep your viewer’s attention and communicate your message. Every design we do is unique, just like your brand.

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