Installation Manual

This manual is one in a series of updated manuals we did for Radiant Life Company’s water purification products. The redesign of the manuals consisted of rewriting the original content, creating technical illustrations, and developing a design that matched their brand.

The original structure of the content did not flow logically and was hard to understand. To remedy this, we re-wrote and shorten the instructions so they were easier to understand and more direct. We also included numbered lists that made the steps clearer.

With the illustrations, we added grey-tone and color highlights to provide focus on parts that are referenced in the text. Exploded views were used to separate parts in an assembly.

The design utilized graphic elements such as call-out numbers that matches step numbers and uses arrows to indicates an action and direction.

Illustrator Connie Lovett

Designer Connie Lovett

Technical Writer Gerry Lovett

Client Radiant Life Company