Explain Your Message Clearly with Technical Illustrations

We create technical illustrations that help teach and visually explain technical processes, ideas, and concepts.

Our goal is to simplify, clarify and explain technical concepts in a way that makes them easy to understand. We do this by combining our knowledge of the subject matter with our illustrative skills to create visual aids that are both informative and engaging.

Our process is collaborative and iterative, beginning with a conversation to understand your needs and goals. Next, we work with you to develop the right illustration for your needs and our creative process.

Technical illustrations are a great way to communicate complex ideas. They help people understand technical processes, products, or concepts by visually explaining them in an easy-to-digest format. Technical illustration is used in many industries and can be tailored for any audience.

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Technical Illustrations We Do

Our illustration portfolio literally contains thousands of technical illustrations. They have been used in product manuals, magazines, marketing material, textbooks, online training, and websites. Our portfolio includes:

  • Cutaway illustrations
  • Product and machine illustrations
  • Exploded view illustrations
  • Illustrations of people
  • Landscape and building illustrations
  • Automotive illustrations
  • Illustrations of mechanical components

We can deliver illustrations in any style you’re looking for, including:

  • Highly detailed, realistic
  • Flat style
  • Line art
  • Block style

If you need technical illustrations, we would love to talk. Call us today at 1-608-229-1286, or use our contact form to get a free consultation and learn how we can improve communication with your customers using technical illustration.

A cutaway technical illustration that shows the filter layers in the EZ Drive Reservoir Breather

Cutaway Illustrations

Explain the features inside your product with cutaway illustrations.

This is a photo realistic technical illustration of a tractor

Realistic Illustrations

Best used when you need accuracy and detail to show features or have the "wow" factor.

A cutaway illustration that shows the interior of a gear drive

Flat Style Illustrations

Convey your message more quickly with this minimal, functional style.

A cutaway technical illustration that shows tire thread efficiency

Line Art Illustrations

Illustrations that use different lines types and shapes to emphasize features, provide focus.

A business campaign poster promoting teamwork

About Us

Lovett Design is a group of artists and designers dedicated to providing exceptional illustration and graphic design services to our clients.

With illustration, our focus is to help visually communicate a message or meaning of a topic. Our goal is to make it easier for people to understand the subject matter better.

When designing material (i.e., manuals, presentations, marketing), we aim to present information concisely. Our design philosophy is to keep it clean and simple. We utilize space, type, color, and illustrations to keep your viewer’s attention and communicate your message. Every design we do is unique, just like your brand.

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