Our Training Manual Design Process

Training manuals are an important asset in your training program and serve multiple purposes.  Our training manual design process includes organizing your rough material, developing clear objectives, creating impressive visual images, layout of the content in a clean, clear format and assessment.

A cover image for technical documentation training manual


We organize and structure your rough material so it is easy to read and has a logical structure.


Provide focus with learning objectives for both the program and sections.


Our approach to design and layout keeps the presentation of your content clean and clear.


Increase engagement and retention with custom illustrations, graphs and tables.


Determine the effectiveness of your training and gather feedback from your trainees.

Interactive Elements

Add interactive elements for navigation and enhance user experience.

Our approach to training manual design will help teach your employees, or customers, about how a process flows or how to perform a task and what skills are needed. They will also provide additional benefits such as a quality management tool or a reference guide after the initial training is completed.  Together with other training assets, it will help ensure your training initiatives are consistent and provide a high quality learning experience.

We feel your training program is an investment in your business and the quality of your training manuals will have a direct impact on your brand and profits.  A poorly designed and structured manual will impact your presentation and and business reputation.  When we develop training assets such as a manual, Powerpoint presentations or animations we focus on presenting the subject matter in a clear, concise manner.  We include original, custom visual elements such as illustration to help your audience understand the material and keep them interested in the presentation.

Services that May Interest You


Express your ideas and concepts more clearly with an illustration.


Capture your audience’s attention with visually exciting animation.


Explain complex subject matter and data with clean, clear infographics.