Illustration & Design Services

Welcome to the Lovett Design website! We are an illustration and design studio that creates high-quality, original, technical, editorial, and medical illustrations. We also develop technical manuals, infographics, and animation to communicate your message and enhance your brand.

  • Technical Illustration

    Help explain your product and services with technical illustrations.

  • Editorial Illustration

    Express your ideas and concepts more clearly with editorial illustration.

  • Medical Illustration

    Educate your customers with accurate illustrations of the anatomy and equipment.

  • Infographics

    Visually show complex subject matter and data with clean, clear infographics.

  • Technical Manuals

    Add support and value to your products, training and brand with custom designed manuals.

  • Animation

    Capture your audiences attention with visually interesting animation.

    Why Use Lovett Design?

    Cost Savings

    Unless you have a workload that requires a full-time staff, it makes sense to save money and use a service like ours.

    Working with us eliminates costs related to employment taxes, employee benefits, and human resource issues.

    Our pricing is project-based and doesn’t need a long-term contract. Also, after final payment for a project, the copyrights are yours to repurpose the content without extra cost.

    Quality Service

    Providing high-quality service is a cornerstone of our business. Our priority with each project is effective communication with your team and on-time delivery.

    Building relationships is essential to us. To do this, we provide direct communication with our artists and designers.

    Professional Talent

    Using professional talent dedicated to the type of services you need (i.e., illustration, animation, manual design) is critical. When developing assets that represent the quality of your brand, you want to ensure you do not put a round peg in a square hole.

    Our artists and designers have training and experience with the technical processes and the creativity to deliver exceptional work. They are passionate about their work and focused on providing the expected quality.

    Fresh Perspective

    There are times in-house teams are lacking in creativity and flexibility. They find themselves stuck in the same workflows and can lose some of their creative ingenuity.

    When you work with an agency like ours you have access to new energy, diverse ideas and creativity. We offer a fresh set of eyes and always provide suggestions to improve your product or service.