Enhance Your Story with Editorial Illustrations

An editorial illustration that shows a peace dove

Enhance your story and help your audience understand complex concepts with high-quality editorial illustrations. Editorial illustrations draw people into the story and add perspective.
They can help your audience understand your message and abstract ideas.

Our goal in creating an editorial illustration is to enhance your writers’ vision and story. To achieve this, we do the following:

  • Our team of experienced illustrators works closely with you to ensure that the visuals match the tone and vision of your story.
  • We work with your team to determine the exact features of the story you wish to highlight and develop prompts for each illustration.
  • We determine the illustration style in consultation with your team and based on the article’s tone.
  • Establish specifications and timeline.
  • Provide rough concept illustrations 

Editorial Illustrations Portfolio

Our editorial illustrations have been used in:

  • Magazine articles
  • Marketing material
  • Books
  • Posters
  • Infographics
  • Training material

Editorial Illustration Styles

We can deliver illustrations in any style you’re looking for, including:

  • Abstract
  • Highly detailed, realistic
  • Flat style
  • Line art
  • Block style

Call us today at 1-608-229-1286, or use our contact form, to get free consultation and learn how we can improve communication with your customers with technical illustration.

Why Use Lovett Design


  • Our pricing is project-based and doesn’t need a long-term contract. Also, after final payment for a project, the copyrights are yours to repurpose the content without extra cost.

  • We’re a small design studio, have low overhead and lean staff, so we can provide this service at great value. You’ll pay less than you would for a full-time employee, but you’ll get the same level of quality output.

  • Working with us eliminates costs related to employment taxes, employee benefits, and human resource issues.


  • Our goal is to create a strong bond with our clients and work together effectively. We provide customer service throughout the project. Our team is available via phone or email, and we provide regular updates on the status of your project.

  • We take pride in learning about your business, goals, and objectives to create artwork that reflects your brand identity.

  • We strive to provide efficient, high-quality service that meets your needs. We want to build relationships with you and create a lasting partnership. To do this, we make sure all communication is direct between our artists and designers.


  • Our artists and designers are experienced in producing high-end, high-quality illustrations and graphic designs.

  • We are passionate about creating beautiful artwork and design. We have a wide range of skills and experience across design for print, web and mobile. We’re committed to providing our clients with products that are not only technically sound, but also visually appealing.

  • We take pride in our work and want to make sure that you’re satisfied with the quality of our service. We stand behind our work and will not be satisfied until you are.


  • When you work with an agency like ours you have access to new energy, diverse ideas and creativity. We can offer a new perspective and will always provide suggestions to improve your product or service.

  • Our experience with different subject matter and clients provides you with knowledge that your in-house team doesn’t have.

  • When your in-house team is in a creative slump we can bring fresh eyes on the problem.