Editorial Illustration

Welcome to our editorial illustration webpage! Unlike most technical illustration we do, editorial illustration gives us an opportunity to use our creativity and artistic vision. They can be found in books we’ve done for our clients, magazines, and websites.

What She Said

These editorial illustrations were done for a book called “What She Said”. The book is a collection of stories related to women lives.

Client: A Fund For Women (AFFW)

Services: Illustration, Design and Layout, Animation

Mental Health

Our client, Lisa Manzi Lentino, Ph.D., used these illustrations in a book she wrote that helps people understand, and improve, their mental health. 

Client: Lisa Manzi Lentino, Ph.D.

Services: Illustration

Dining Experience

These illustrations were included in an educational presentation about how, and where, people decide to out to dine.

Client: Gusto

Services: Illustration, Presentation

Industrial Tank Repair

Client: Washington River Protection Solutions (WRPS)

Services: Illustration

Assorted Projects

These are an assortment of illustration that explain public safety and personal time management.

Client: Assorted

Services: Illustration

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