Cutaway Illustration

Welcome to our cutaway illustration webpage! We have done cutaway illustrations for both consumer and industrial products. They can be found in product manuals, instruction sheets, text books, magazines, websites and online training courses.

Hydraulic Filters

These product illustrations were used on our clients website to market their different filters.

Client: Parker Hydraulic & Fuel Filtration Division

Services: Illustration

Mechanical Gears and Pumps

Samples from a project that included over 800 illustrations, diagrams and schematics. Used in training textbooks and online learning.

Client: Multi-Skill Training Services

Services: Illustration

Medical Equipment

Client: GE Healthcare

Services: Illustration, Design and Layout, Animation

Pond Systems

Cutaway illustrations used in printed marketing material and on client website

Client: Filtrific

Services: Illustration

Aircraft Engines

These illustrations show different aircraft engine conditions and were used in our clients magazines and digital media

Client: Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

Services: Illustration

Tire Cutaway

Cutaway illustrations used in marketing material

Client: The Republik

Services: Illustration

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