About Lovett Design

Lovett Design is a full-service illustration and design agency specializing in technical, editorial, and medical illustration and providing graphic design services. We have 20+ years of experience working with both multinational and small businesses. No matter the size of your company or organization, we are here to support you and deliver what you need to make a strong impression on your customers and audience.

Our Core Services


One of our business’s core services is technical, editorial, and medical illustration. We can provide line art, cut-away, and exploded view illustrations. Our artists have the creativity, and ability, to work with different styles and subject matter.

For most of our clients, we create digital artwork that you can find in their technical manuals, marketing material, presentations, and on their websites. Since these images are vector art, you can resize and repurpose them for any application without degrading their quality.

We can also provide hand-drawn illustrations that can add uniqueness to a blog, magazine article, or book. Every piece of artwork we create is original, tells your story, and will enhance your brand.

Best of all, complete copyrights to the artwork are yours after final payment!

Manual Design

Creating technical manuals for training and product support is another core service we offer. By combining our illustration, graphic design, and engineering background, we have unique experience and capabilities to create exceptional technical documentation.

One of the primary benefits of using us to develop your technical documentation is that we offer an outside perspective and all the design and illustration services you need.

Explaining the necessary information to your customers is essential, so they understand the subject matter. We do this by creating a design that is clean and well-structured. We provide technical writing services, so your copy is clear and matches your audience.

Finally, we add exciting illustrations that support the copy and help the reader understand the material.

Multimedia Content

For us, multimedia content includes animation, infographics, presentations, and eLearning content.

Each of these deliverables leverages the illustration, copywriting, and design services we offer. Having the capability to provide you with many deliverables benefits you in several ways. The primary benefit is consistency with the quality of work and the look and feel. Another advantage is seamless communication between parties, reducing errors and redundant meetings.

Today’s audiences consume information in different ways and on various platforms. High-quality, effective multimedia content is essential in reaching your audience; we can help with that!

Why Use Our Services?

Competitive Pricing

We base our pricing on a flexible hourly rate. Our quote is the total number of estimated hours multiplied by the hourly rate.

When calculating our estimate, we consider multiple factors that may change the hourly rate we use. For example, we would typically lower our hourly rate for large projects with a wide range of complexity levels (i.e., diagrams and full illustrations). Another consideration may be your budget and the possibility of repeat work. We also understand that when budgets are tight, there may be a possibility to make up the difference with a future project.

Ultimately, the crucial factor is that the pricing works for both parties.

High Quality

Providing high-quality service and deliverables is a cornerstone of our business. Building a positive business relationship with your team is essential to us.

We understand you are reaching out to us to solve a problem, and we are here to listen to your needs and provide solutions. To achieve effective communication, we provide direct contact with the designer or artist working on your project.

As you look at our website, you will see our exceptional work. Our designers and artists take each project and attempt to make it unique. We are always thinking about how we can add value that will enhance your business.

On-time Delivery

Our goal with every project is to go beyond meeting your expectations! We understand that being responsive to your needs and punctual delivery is key to accomplishing that.

Our commitment to on-time delivery is integral to our goal of developing a long-term relationship with you and your team. One of the advantages of using our services is that we are available when you need us. There is no need to wait for internal resources to become available.

Our business exists because we can deliver when others may not.

Services that May Interest You


Express your ideas and concepts more clearly with an illustration.


Capture your audience’s attention with visually exciting animation.


Explain complex subject matter and data with clean, clear infographics.

Manual Design

Add value to your products and training with custom manuals.