Product User Manual

This manual is an example of one of the updated manuals we’ve done for FOAMit, a leader in chemical management and application equipment. The project consisted of redesigning the manuals to better reflect their brand and better explain the information the user needed.

The first step we took with the redesign of their manuals was to develop a style guide. This gave the FAOMit team and opportunity to provide input itno the design and provided guidelines for the text, tables and formatting moving forward.

The illustrations used grey-tone fills and blow-out illustrations to highlight, and provide focus on, parts that are referenced in the text. All of the illustrations are original, vector artwork created with Adobe Illustrator. 

The design utilized graphic elements such as call-out numbers that match the step numbers and uses arrows to indicate an action or direction.

Illustrator Connie Lovett

Designer Connie Lovett

Client FOAMit