Our Product Manual Design Process

Why invest in developing quality product manuals?  Product manuals are an important asset in your customer retention program.  The product manual is one of the first interactions a customer has with your brand.  Often it can make or break any possibility of having a customer come back.

A cover image for technical documentation product manual


We organize and structure your rough material so it is easy to read and has a logical structure.


Important ! You want to make your customers aware of any safety hazards.

Touch Points

Introduce the features your customer will touch during assembly, use and maintenance.


Increase engagement and retention with custom illustrations, graphs and tables.


Provide instructions for Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Technical Specifications.

Replacement Parts

Let your customers know how they can get genuine parts.

Our approach to manual design is to create a product that is visually interesting and provides all the information your customers need to understand your product or process.  We will review your existing material and provide suggestions on ways to improve your manual.  This could include rewriting the text or adding visual elements, such as illustration, that help explain the steps more clearly.

Manuals we develop are custom designed and include original illustrations if needed.  We also work within your branding guidelines if you have them. If you don’t we can develop them for you.  Ultimately, our primary objective is to deliver a product manual that is easy for your customers to understand and provides the necessary information they need to know.  Along with that, we design manuals that are visually interesting and focused on making a positive first impression.

Services that May Interest You


Express your ideas and concepts more clearly with an illustration.


Capture your audience’s attention with visually exciting animation.


Explain complex subject matter and data with clean, clear infographics.